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Mercedes-Benz x Mayfair Witches

Mercedes-Benz’s Ambitions

Create an ownable moment for Mercedes-Benz to narratively exist within the fabric of one of our engaged fan universes.

The Action

​In 2022-2023, Mercedes-Benz and the AMC Networks Content Room joined forces for an epic partnership, integrating Mercedes-Benz into the full season of Mayfair Witches as the official car of The Talamasca, a secret organization that monitors the supernatural within the Universe of Anne Rice. Mercedes vehicles were seen wherever the Talamasca went, with 3x vehicles integrated throughout the series.

To further amplify Mercedes in-show presence, we developed a custom program to surround the season, including a linear Next On sponsorship and a social campaign with custom integrated clip-based content – ensuring Mercedes branding lived everywhere.​


Across social, AMC Content Room and Mercedes worked together to develop a 3x part content series that gave fans a deeper look at the Talamasca and included clips of the integrated Mercedes vehicles. Content lived across the Immortal Universe and AMC Facebook and Instagram handles and exceeded performance goals – hitting 7.3M total impressions (58% above benchmarks).

Mercedes was further weaved into the universe including a key FOB integration into the second season of Interview With the Vampire, leading to a renewal for Mayfair season 2 with double the amount of vehicles integrated into the season and a talent partnership and content series developed.

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