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Johnnie Walker x You Are Here

Johnnie Walker’s Ambitions

Building off a successful legacy of partnerships, You Are Here is the second original series collaboration between Diageo, award-winning actor, playwright and director Colman Domingo (Fear the Walking Dead) and AMCN’s Content Room. Once the world opened back up, getting back out there and traveling was a natural next step for Colman, who is always on the move.

Together, Johnnie Walker and Content Room aimed to collaborate on authentic content that spoke to the spirit of Johnnie Walker’s First Strides campaign and its goal toward collective progress for all.

So much of travel is about taking that first stride…that groundbreaking first step on the journey to the places you’ve never been before or long to return to, being open to the moment, being connected to others, moving toward progress. The human beings we bond with along the way and the ones who open the doors to move culture forward for all. Because every path walked is a path cleared for the ones who come after.

The Action

We all have stories of where we have lived and traveled – usually best shared over a glass of whisky. The unknown corners and hidden gems; where trailblazers were born, history was made, and culture was forever changed. Each city is a character. Each place a chapter that holds special meaning in the stories of our lives, and those new pages yet to be written. From this insight, You Are Here was born.

You Are Here is a travel memoir series hosted by Colman, who takes us on an intimate tour of the four cities – Savannah, Philadelphia, New York City, and Chicago – that hold special meaning in his life story and shine a light on the communities, people, and found family who thrive there.

Whether out roller skating with old friends or grappling with history at a Southern plantation, Colman brought his signature warmth and inviting spirit. It’s a journey that is intensely personal and yet incredibly relatable and a whole lot of fun. Featuring thematic alignment and cocktail moments throughout, along with ancillary content highlighting drink recipes from the series, Johnnie Walker was well represented throughout the series.


Across social, the campaign generated 13.3M impressions, exceeding the goal of 12.5M, and delivered 681K views across all elements. Colman also strongly supported the series with posts on social media that earned over 19K engagements.

• On Facebook, engagement with sponsored episodes out-performed the TV sponsored average by +59%.

• On Facebook, FTWD’s sponsored trailer was a Top 5 most viewed TV sponsored post.
• On Instagram, FTWD’s sponsored trailer was a Top 5 most engaging TV sponsored post.
• On Twitter, FTWD’s sponsored trailer was the #1 most engaging and Top 5 most viewed TV sponsored post.

Source: Talkwalker. Broadcast & Cable Program Partnerships excluding News, June ’23. Johnnie Walker post averages in last year.


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