Jeep x Dark Skies
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Jeep x Dark Skies

Jeep’s Ambitions

Strengthen the natural connection between Jeep’s brand-new plug-in electric Jeep Wrangler 4xe and global conservation efforts by aligning to the launch of BBC America’s new landmark series, Eden: Untamed Planet.

Additionally, to highlight:

  • Off-roading capabilities
  • Electric efficiency
  • The iconic adventurous spirit of Jeep

The Action

Dark Skies – Three-Part Adventure Docuseries

BBC America continues to create trailblazing nature content with Eden: Untamed Planet, a series that gives audiences the incredible opportunity to explore untouched locations across the globe.

With Jeep and Publicis Collective, we co-created Dark Skies, a series of 3x :60 films that profile everyday people searching for their personal Eden in nature. Join the journey as an astrophotographer and photographer seek out the ultimate stargazing experience with the help of their Jeep Wrangler 4xe.

The results proved that the story we co-created reached the right audience and was recognized by the industry with multiple awards, including a prestigious Clio Award in 2021.


• 51M+ total impressions
• 2.5M+ total video views across AMCN platforms
• 2021 Clio Silver Award Winner

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